Compass Health Brands Recalls Carex Adult Portable Bed Rails After Three D ...

Carex brand Bed Support Rails (model P566) and Carex brand Easy Up 2-in-1 Bed Rails (model P569) sold between 2012 and 2021. The name "Carex" and the model number are printed on a label on the bottom of the rails. The Bed Support Rail has white metal rails with black foam grip and measures about 35 inches high and 20 inches wide. The Easy Up 2-in-1 Bed Rail is comprised of a dark brown metal support rail with black foam grips and a dark brown metal bed rail. The support rail measures about 21 inches high and 17 inches wide and the bed rail measures about 20 inches high and 30 inches wide.
Carex Brand Adult Portable Bed RailsAbout 104,900 and 110 units in Canada
Medical supply stores nationwide and online at,, and The bed rails were sold from November 2012 through December 2021 for between $22 and $80.
Recall Date:    Dec 22, 2021
Compass has received three reports of entrapment deaths associated with the Bed Support Rail (model P566), between April 2014 and June 2020, involving an 85-year-old man at an assisted living facility in Ohio; an 84-year-old woman at home in California; and an 88-year-old woman at an assisted living facility in Washington. In each case, the bed rail was not securely attached to the bed entrapping the user. No entrapment reports involving the Easy Up 2-in-1 Bed Rail (model P569).
Compass Health Brands, of Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Recall ID:    9196
Last Published:    Dec 22, 2021
Official Site:    Link


Emert Number:    22040
Emert Status:    Updated