BD Nexiva, 20 GA 1.00 IN (1.1 X 25 mm), 3660 ml/hr. 61ml/min; Closed IV Ca ...

BD Nexiva, 20 GA 1.00 IN (1.1 X 25 mm), 3660 ml/hr. 61ml/min; Closed IV Catheter System- Dual port -61 mL/min (3660 mL/hr)-0.5mL, REF 383536; BD Q-Style Luer Access Split Septum BD Vialon Material; BD Instaflash Needle Technology; Rx Only, Sterile EO. BD Nexiva closed IV catheter systems are over-the-needle, intravascular catheters. These devices have a radiopaque BD Vialon" catheter, needle, needle shield, septum, stabilization platform, integrated extension tubing, clamp, dual port adapter, vent plug and pre-attached BD Q-Syte Luer Access Split Septum. The needle and catheter are protected by a needle cover. A BD Q-Syte device or an end cap with protective cover is provided in the unit package. The closed system is designed to keep blood contained within the device throughout the insertion process. The septum is designed to wipe visible blood from the needle surface as the needle is withdrawn from the catheter, further reducing the risk of blood exposure. The needle tip is passively protected when the needle is removed, reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injury. These devices have BD Instaflash" Needle Technology, allowing for immediate visualization of blood along the catheter. Continuous blood return is seen in the extension tubing. The vent plug prevents blood leakage from the extension tubing during insertion. Both the stabilization platform and dual port adapter are color coded to indicate catheter gauge size (24GA (0.7 mm)=Yellow, 22GA (0.9 mm)=Blue, 20GA (1.1 mm)=Pink, 18GA (1.3 mm)=Green). BD Nexiva closed IV catheter systems are intended to be inserted into a patient s vascular system for short term use to sample blood, monitor blood pressure, or administer fluids. These catheters may be used for any patient population with consideration given to adequacy of vascular anatomy, procedure being performed, fluids being infused, and duration of therapy. The 22-18GA (0.9-1.3 mm) devices are suitable for use with power injectors set to a maximum pressure of 300 psi (2068 kPa) when access ports not suitable for use with power injectors are removed.
Recall Date:    Sep 8, 2021
Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems Inc.
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United States
Recall ID:    88762
Product ID:    189467
Enforcement Date:    Dec 1, 2021
Last Published:    Nov 24, 2021


Emert Number:    Z-0306-2022
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