Ryan and Rose Recalls Children's Eating Utensils Due to Choking Hazard (Re ...

The Cutie Spoovel is a transitional eating utensil for young children. It is made out of silicone with a plastic core and comes in a set of two in various colors. "Cutie Spoovel" is printed on the back of the spoon, and RR is printed on the back of the handle on the end.
"Cutie Spoovel" children's eating utensilsAbout 17,750 (In addition, about 110 were sold in Canada)
URL : https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2021/76239r-eng.php
Online at https://www.ryanandrose.co from April 2021 through July 2021 for about $14.
Recall Date:    Aug 26, 2021
Ryan and Rose have received three reports of the Cutie Spoovel handle breaking when a child bit down on it. No injuries or reports of choking have been reported.
Mfg Country:
Ryan and Rose LLC, of Bartlett, Tenn.
Recall ID:    9135
Last Published:    Aug 26, 2021
Official Site:    Link


Emert Number:    21777
Emert Status:    Notified