NATRELLE Resterilizable Sizers for the styles and sizes: Style 15, Style 2 ...

NATRELLE Resterilizable Sizers for the styles and sizes: Style 15, Style 20, Inspira X (responsive gel), Inspira F (responsive gel), Inspira LP (responsive gel), Inspira M (responsive gel), Inspira L (responsive gel), Inspira ST L (Soft Touch gel), Inspira ST LP (Soft Touch Gel), Inspira ST M (Soft Touch Gel), Inspira ST F (Soft Touch Gel), Inspira ST X (Soft Touch Gel) Style 10/UDI: NATRELLE Sty 10-360 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005587 NATRELLE Sty 10-390 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005594 NATRELLE Sty 10-420 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005600 NATRELLE Sty 10-450 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005617 NATRELLE Sty 10-480 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005624 NATRELLE Sty 10-510 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005631 NATRELLE Sty 10-700 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005679 NATRELLE Sty 10-750 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005686 NATRELLE Sty 10-800 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mod 10888628005693 Style 15/UDI: NATRELLE Sty 15-304 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005778 NATRELLE Sty 15-339 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005785 NATRELLE Sty 15-371 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005792 NATRELLE Sty 15-397 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005808 NATRELLE Sty 15-421 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005815 NATRELLE Sty 15-457 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005822 NATRELLE Sty 15-492 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005839 NATRELLE Sty 15-533 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005846 NATRELLE Sty 15-575 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005853 NATRELLE Sty 15-616 Rstrl Sizer Gel Mid 10888628005860 Style 20/UDI: NATRELLE Sty 20-350 Rstrl Sizer Gel High 10888628006003 NATRELLE Sty 20-700 Rstrl Sizer Gel High 10888628006102 NATRELLE Sty 20-750 Rstrl Sizer Gel High 10888628006119 Inspira X (responsive Gel)/UDI: Natrelle Inspira X-Full 205cc Sizer (US) 10888628009431 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 225cc Sizer (US) 10888628009448 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 255cc Sizer (US) 10888628009455 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 285cc Sizer (US) 10888628009462 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 310cc Sizer (US) 10888628009479 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 340cc Sizer (US) 10888628009486 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 375cc Sizer (US) 10888628009493 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 400cc Sizer (US) 10888628009509 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 420cc Sizer (US) 10888628009516 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 445cc Sizer (US) 10888628009523 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 470cc Sizer (US) 10888628009530 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 495cc Sizer (US) 10888628009547 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 525cc Sizer (US) 10888628009554 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 545cc Sizer (US) 10888628009561 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 560cc Sizer (US) 10888628009578 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 580cc Sizer (US) 10888628009585 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 615cc Sizer (US) 10888628009592 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 650cc Sizer (US) 10888628009608 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 700cc Sizer (US) 10888628009615 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 750cc Sizer (US) 10888628009622 Natrelle Inspira X-Full 800cc Sizer (US) 10888628009639 Inspira F (responsive Gel)/UDI: MSZ-F180 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 180cc Sizer US 10888628009226 MSZ-F200 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 200cc Sizer US 10888628009233 MSZ-F220 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 220cc Sizer US 10888628009240 MSZ-F240 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 240cc Sizer US 10888628009257 MSZ-F265 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 265cc Sizer US 10888628009264 MSZ-F295 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 295cc Sizer US 10888628009271 MSZ-F325 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 325cc Sizer US 10888628009288 MSZ-F335 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 335cc Sizer US 10888628009295 MSZ-F345 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 345cc Sizer US 10888628009301 MSZ-F365 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 365cc Sizer US 10888628009318 MSZ-F385 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 385cc Sizer US 10888628009325 MSZ-F415 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 415cc Sizer US 10888628009332 MSZ-F450 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 450cc Sizer US 10888628009349 MSZ-F485 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 485cc Sizer US 10888628009356 MSZ-F520 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 520cc Sizer US 10888628009363 MSZ-F560 Natrelle Inspira FullProf 560cc Sizer US 10888628009370 MSZ-F605 Natrelle
Units Affected:    0
Recall Date:    Nov 6, 2019
Allergan PLC
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    84318
Product ID:    178039
Enforcement Date:    Dec 25, 2019
Termination Date:    Jul 9, 2021
Last Published:    Jul 9, 2021


Emert Number:    Z-0702-2020
Emert Status:    Terminated