AngioJet Ultra Consoles-Thrombectomy System UPN: 105650-001D 105650-00 ...

AngioJet Ultra Consoles-Thrombectomy System UPN: 105650-001D 105650-001H 105650-001R 105650-001Z 105650-002R 105650-004H 105650-004R 105650-007R 105650-009R 105650-024H 105650-024Z 105650-025 105650-025H 105650-025R 105650-026R Product Usage - The AngioJet allows for percutaneous removal of thrombus located in peripheral arteries and veins, saphenous vein bypass grafts, native coronary arteries, and native or synthetic AV access conduits. Thrombectomy is accomplished using high-pressure saline jets contained in the catheter shaft. The saline jets create a low-pressure effect to draw thrombus into the catheter, fragment the thrombus, and remove the thrombus from the treatment site. The system consists of a single use Thrombectomy Set (several models available) and a free standing mobile Console.
Recall Date:    Nov 8, 2019
Boston Scientific Corporation
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    84363
Product ID:    178136
Enforcement Date:    Dec 25, 2019
Termination Date:    Mar 24, 2021
Last Published:    Mar 24, 2021


Emert Number:    Z-0717-2020
Emert Status:    Terminated