iMRX MRI and Angiography System, part number 10094137 and 10094141, a surg ...

iMRX MRI and Angiography System, part number 10094137 and 10094141, a surgical/interventional suite with integrated MRI and X-ray angiography. The IMRIS iMRX system is the integration of a Siemens Artis zee family (biplane or floor or ceiling mounted single plane) and the IMRIS Neuro 3T System. The System is a solution providing MRI scanning capabilities in the angiography room while retaining all functionality of Siemens Artis zee system. The System includes a traditional MRI unit that has been suspended on an overhead rail system, and is designed to operate inside RF room to facilitate intra-operative, interventional, and multi-room imaging. It also allows intra-operative or interventional imaging capabilities, while retaining all diagnostic functionality of a standard MRI system in the diagnostic room. The iMRX system allows for the sequential use of either MR imaging or X-ray fluoroscopic imaging of the head or chest for a single patient while positioned on a common fixed table either prior to, during or post clinical procedure. When these images are interpreted by a trained physician, they may assist in diagnosis during either neurovascular or cardiovascular interventionsa procedures. The iMRX system is designed such that the imaging sub-systems cannot operate simultaneously and only in accordance with their respective cleared intended use.
Units Affected:    6
Recall Date:    Nov 26, 2019
Deerfield Imaging, Inc.
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    84400
Product ID:    178243
Enforcement Date:    Jan 8, 2020
Termination Date:    Aug 4, 2020
Last Published:    Aug 4, 2020


Emert Number:    Z-0762-2020
Emert Status:    Terminated