MicroVention Terumo Microplex 10, Platinum Coil System, Endovascular Embol ...

MicroVention Terumo Microplex 10, Platinum Coil System, Endovascular Embolization Coil, HyperSoft 3D, Sterile, Rx, REF numbers 100102HS3D-V, 100103HS3D-V, 100152HS3D-V, 100153HS3D-V, 100154HS3D-V, 100202HS3D-V, 100203HS3D-V, 100204HS3D-V, 100206HS3D-V, 100208HS3D-V, 100254HS3D-V, 100256HS3D-V, 100304HS3D-V, 100306HS3D-V, 100310HS3D-V, 100355HS3D-V, 100358HS3D-V, 100406HS3D-V, 100408HS3D-V, 100412HS3D-V, 100415HS3D-V, 100510HS3D-V, 100515HS3D-V; MV-00102HTDA, MV-00103HTDA, MV-00204HTDA,MV-00304HTDA, MV-00306HTDA, MV-00406HTDA, MV-00408HTDA, MV-00510HTDA, MV-01502HTDA, MV-01503HTDA, MV-01504HTDA; MV-02504HTDA, MV-02506HTDA, MV-03505HTDA, and MV-03508HTDA. Product Usage: The MCS is also intended for vascular occlusion of blood vessels within the neurovascular system to permanently obstruct blood flow to an aneurysm or other vascular malformation and for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature. The firm name on the label is MicroVention, Inc., Tustin, CA.
Recall Date:    Nov 22, 2019
Microvention, Inc.
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    84727
Product ID:    179420
Enforcement Date:    Mar 4, 2020
Last Published:    Feb 27, 2020


Emert Number:    Z-1393-2020
Emert Status:    Announced