Centricity PACS-IW with Universal Viewer version 5.0, Model Number 2068177 ...

Centricity PACS-IW with Universal Viewer version 5.0, Model Number 2068177-001 Product Usage: Centricity Universal Viewer is a device that displays medical images and data from various imaging sources, and from other healthcare information sources. Medical images and data can be displayed, communicated, stored, and processed. Typical users of this system are authorized healthcare professionals. Centricity Universal Viewer is intended to assist in the viewing, analysis, diagnostic interpretation, and sharing of images and other information. Mammography images may only be interpreted using a monitor compliant with requirements of local regulations and must meet other technical specifications reviewed and accepted by the local regulatory agencies. Contraindications: Centricity Universal Viewer is contraindicated for the use of lossy compressed mammographic images. Lossy compressed mammographic images and digitized film screen images must not be reviewed for primary image interpretations.
Recall Date:    May 17, 2019
GE Healthcare, LLC
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    83036
Product ID:    173381
Enforcement Date:    Jul 3, 2019
Last Published:    Jun 26, 2019


Emert Number:    Z-1885-2019
Emert Status:    Announced