Natrelle Inspira, Silicone-Filled Breast Implants, Sterile, for the follow ...

Natrelle Inspira, Silicone-Filled Breast Implants, Sterile, for the following style numbers: Style TRL: TRL-110TRL-125,TRL-140,TRL-170,TRL-200,TRL-230,TRL-260,TRL-290,TRL-320,TRL-350,TRL-380,TRL-410,TRL-460,TRL-510,TRL-560,TRL-610; Style TRLP: TRLP-125TRLP-145,TRLP-165,TRLP-190,TRLP-205,TRLP-220,TRLP-235,TRLP-250, TRLP-265,TRLP-280,TRLP-300,TRLP-320,TRLP-340,TRLP-360,TRLP-400,TRLP-440,TRLP-490,TRLP-540,TRLP-590,TRLP-640; Style TRM: TRM-140,TRM-175,TRM-195,TRM-210,TRM-240,TRM-255,TRM-275,TRM-295,TRM-310,TRM-330,TRM-345,TRM-360,TRM-375TRM-405,TRM-445,TRM-485,TRM-520,TRM-560,TRM-600,TRM-640,TRM-685,TRM-755 Style TRF: TRF-180TRF-200,TRF-220,TRF-240,TRF-265,TRF-295,TRF-325,TRF-335,TRF-345,TRF-365,TRF-385,TRF-415,TRF-450,TRF-485,TRF-520,TRF-560,TRF-605,TRF-650,TRF-695,TRF-745,TRF-770; Style TRX: TRX-205,TRX-225,TRX-255,TRX-285,TRX-310,TRX-340,TRX-375,TRX-400,TRX-420,TRX-445,TRX-470,TRX-495,TRX-525,TRX-545,TRX-560,TRX-580,TRX-615,TRX-650,TRX-700,TRX-750,TRX-800; Style TSL: TSL-110, TSL-125, TSL-140, TSL-170, TSL-200, TSL-230, TSL-260, TSL-290, TSL-320, TSL-350, TSL-380, TSL-410, TSL-460, TSL-510, TSL-560, TSL-610; Style TSLP: TSLP-125, TSLP-145, TSLP-165, TSLP-190, TSLP-205, TSLP-220, TSLP-235, TSLP-250, TSLP-265, TSLP-280, TSLP-300, TSLP-320, TSLP-340, TSLP-360, TSLP-400, TSLP-440, TSLP-490, TSLP-540, TSLP-590, TSLP-640; Style TSM: TSM-140, TSM-175, TSM-195, TSM-210, TSM-240, TSM-255, TSM-275, TSM-295, TSM-310, TSM-330, TSM-345, TSM-360, TSM-375, TSM-405, TSM-445, TSM-485, TSM-520, TSM-560, TSM-600, TSM-640, TSM-685, TSM-755; Style TSF: TSF-180 TSF-200 TSF-220 TSF-240 TSF-265 TSF-295 TSF-325 TSF-335 TSF-345 TSF-365 TSF-385 TSF-415 TSF-450 TSF-485 TSF-520 TSF-560 TSF-605 TSF-650 TSF-695 TSF-745 TSF-770 Style TSX: TSX-205, TSX-225, TSX-255, TSX-285, TSX-310, TSX-340, TSX-375, TSX-400, TSX-420, TSX-445, TSX-470, TSX-495, TSX-525, TSX-545, TSX-560, TSX-580, TSX-615, TSX-650, TSX-700, TSX-750, TSX-800; Style TCL: TCL-110, TCL-125, TCL-140, TCL-170, TCL-200, TCL-230, TCL-260, TCL-290, TCL-320, TCL-350, TCL-380, TCL-410, TCL-460, TCL-510, TCL-560, TCL-610; Style TCLP: TCLP-125, TCLP-145, TCLP-165, TCLP-190, TCLP-205, TCLP-220, TCLP-235, TCLP-250, TCLP-265, TCLP-280, TCLP-300, TCLP-320, TCLP-340, TCLP-360, TCLP-400, TCLP-440, TCLP-490, TCLP-540, TCLP-590, TCLP-640; Style TCM: TCM-140, TCM-175, TCM-195, TCM-210, TCM-240, TCM-255, TCM-275 TCM-295 TCM-310, TCM-330, TCM-345, TCM-360, TCM-375, TCM-405, TCM-445, TCM-485, TCM-520, TCM-560, TCM-600, TCM-640, TCM-685, TCM-755; Style TCF: TCF-180 TCF-200 TCF-220 TCF-240 TCF-265 TCF-295 TCF-325 TCF-335 TCF-345 TCF-365 TCF-385 TCF-415 TCF-450 TCF-485 TCF-520 TCF-560 TCF-605 TCF-650 TCF-695 TCF-745 TCF-770 Style TCX: TCX-205, TCX-225, TCX-255, TCX-285, TCX-310, TCX-340, TCX-375, TCX-400 TCX-420, TCX-445, TCX-470, TCX-495, TCX-525, TCX-545, TCX-560, TCX-580, TCX-615, TCX-650, TCX-700, TCX-750, TCX-800; These products may have been sold under the McGhan, Inamed or NATRELLE brands. Product Usage: Breast augmentation and Breast reconstruction
Recall Date:    Jul 24, 2019
Allergan PLC
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    83500
Product ID:    175502
Enforcement Date:    Sep 18, 2019
Last Published:    Jun 1, 2020


Emert Number:    Z-2453-2019
Emert Status:    Announced