Natrelle 133 Tissue Expanders (also named style 133 BIOSPAN Tissue Expande ...

Natrelle 133 Tissue Expanders (also named style 133 BIOSPAN Tissue Expander and Mcghan Magna-Site Tissue Expander) BioCell Full Height Variable Projection with Magna-Fider Xact & 21G Needle Infusion Set, Sterile, for the following style numbers: STYLE 133FV: 133FV-11, 133FV-12, 133FV-13, 133FV-14, 133FV-15, 133FV-16; STYLE 133MV: 133MV-11, 133MV-12, 133MV-13, 133MV-14, 133MV-15, 133MV-16; STYLE 133LV: 133LV-11, 133LV-12, 133LV-13, 133LV-14, 133LV-15, 133LV-16; STYLE 133FX: 133FX-11 133FX-12 133FX-13 133FX-14 133FX-15 133FX-16 STYLE 133MX: 133MX-11, 133MX-12, 133MX-13, 133MX-14, 133MX-15, 133MX-16; STYLE 133SX: 133SX-11, 133SX-12, 133SX-13, 133SX-14, 133SX-15, 133SX-16; STYLE 133SV: 133SV-11, 133SV-12, 133SV-13, 133SV-14, 133SV-15, 133SV-16; These products may have been sold under the McGhan, Inamed or NATRELLE brands. Product Usage: intended for temporary subcutaneous implantation and require periodic, incremental inflation with sterile saline for injection until the desired amount of tissue is developed.
Recall Date:    Jul 24, 2019
Allergan PLC
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    83500
Product ID:    175505
Enforcement Date:    Sep 18, 2019
Last Published:    Jun 1, 2020


Emert Number:    Z-2455-2019
Emert Status:    Announced