Patient Data Manager, Model/Catalogue Numbers: 25100-09 - PATIENT DATA ...

Patient Data Manager, Model/Catalogue Numbers: 25100-09 - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.1.1LICENSE ONLY 25100-10 - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.2.0 LICENSE ONLY 25100-11 - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.2.1 LICENSE ONLY 25100-12 - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.3 INSTALLER 25100-12A - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.3.1 INSTALLER 25100-13 - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.3 LICENSE 25100-12B - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.4.0 INSTALLER 25100-13A - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.4 LICENSE 25100-12C - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.5.0 INSTALLER 25100-12D - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.5.1 INSTALLER 25100-13B - PATIENT DATA MANAGER 2.5 LICENSE used in combination with iPlan CMF/Cranial/ENT/Spine 3.0.5, 3.0.6. Product Usage: Patient Data Manager is intended to load patient data from and export patient data to connected network locations (like file shares and PACS) and removable media. Furthermore, the software is intended to start other applications (like Brainlab planning and navigation applications) and to route applications and connected video sources to displays attached to the system that are running Patient Data Manager. The software is also intended to connect two Brainlab systems to each other via network.
Recall Date:    Sep 25, 2019
Brainlab AG
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    83978
Product ID:    176885
Enforcement Date:    Oct 30, 2019
Last Published:    Oct 23, 2019


Emert Number:    Z-0176-2020
Emert Status:    Announced