Tristar Products Recalls Magnetic Trivets Due to Magnet Ingestion Hazard ( ...

This recall involves Tristar Products magnetic trivets sold with Copper Chef 10-Piece Cerami-Tech Nonstick Cookware Sets and sold separately. The trivets attach to the bottom of hot metal cookware, allowing it to be placed on tables. The trivets have four magnets encased in silicone and come in copper, burgundy, blue, and black colors. Each set includes an 11 inch square pot with glass lid, steamer tray, fry basket, 11 inch fry pan with glass press, 9.5 inch square pot with glass lid, a cookbook, and two magnetic trivets.
Magnetic TrivetsAbout 350,000
QVC from October 2017 through October of 2018 for between $75 and $120 when sold as part of the cookware set and $10 when sold separately.
Recall Date:    Jul 30, 2019
Tristar Products has received one report of magnets detaching from a trivet and being swallowed by a child. The child suffered intestinal perforations and blockage, requiring surgery.
Tianxi Holding Group Co Ltd., of China
Mfg Country:
Tristar Products Inc., Fairfield, N.J.
Recall ID:    8627
Last Published:    Jul 30, 2019
Official Site:    Link


Emert Number:    19765
Emert Status:    Announced