Schneider Electric™ Recalls 1.4 Million Electrical Panels Due to Thermal B ...

This recall involves indoor, outdoor and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Square D QO Plug-On Neutral Load Centers that were installed in homes, recreational vehicles, or commercial establishments, including restaurants, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, commercial lighting and others. The circuit breaker boxes were sold in gray and come in various sizes (square and rectangular). The recalled circuit breaker boxes were manufactured between February 2020 and January 2022, with date codes between 200561 and 220233. For installed outdoor load centers, the manufacturing date codes are printed on the inside of the cover or door of the unit or on the box itself when the cover or door is open. For installed indoor load centers, a qualified electrician can locate the interior date codes that are not visible to the home owner. Circuit breaker boxes with covers that were manufactured between December 2019 and March 2022 are also included in this recall. The affected catalog/part numbers can be found inside the electrical panel doors for both the U.S. and Canada. Recalled Electrical Panel U.S. and Canada Catalog /Part Numbers CQO116L100PGRB QO130M200PRB QOC30UFWG CQO116M100PRB QO140L200PGRB QOC30UFWGW CQO116M60PRB QO140M200PRB QOC30US CQO124L125PGRB QO142L225PGRB QOC32UF CQO124M100PRB QO142M200PRB QOC32UFW CQO140L200PGRB QO142M225PRB QOC40UF CQO140M200PRB QO1816M200PFTRB QOC40UFW NQC20FWG QO816L100PRB QOC40US NQC20FWGW QOC12UF QOC42UF NQC30FWG QOC12US QOC42UFW NQC30FWGW QOC16UF QOC42US QO112L125PGRB QOC16UFW QOC54UF QO112L200PGRB QOC16US QOC54UFW QO112M100PRB QOC20U100F QOC60UF QO116L125PGRB QOC20U100FW QOCMF30UC QO116M100PRB QOC20U100S QOCMF30UCW QO120M100PRB QOC20UFWG QOCMF42UC QO120M150PRB QOC20UFWGW QOCMF42UCW QO120M200PRB QOC24UF QOCMF54UC QO124L125PGRB QOC24UFW QOCMF54UCW QO124M100PRB QOC24US QOCMF60UC QO124M125PRB QOC30U125C QOCMF60UCW QO130L200PGRB QOC30UF QO130M150PRB QOC30UFW
Square™ D QO™ Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers, also known as, Load Centers, Breaker Boxes, Electrical PanelsAbout 1.4 million (In addition, 289,000 were sold in Canada)
Authorized Schneider Electric distributors and home improvement and hardware stores nationwide and online including Home Depot, Lowe's, and Menard's from February 2020 through January 2022 for between $90 and $1,660.
Recall Date:    Jun 16, 2022
The firm has received one report of an incident of a loose wire. No injuries have been reported.
Schneider Electric USA Inc., of Lexington, Kentucky
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    9325
Last Published:    Jun 16, 2022
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Emert Number:    22159
Emert Status:    Notified