Prevantics swabs and/or swabsticks contained inside the following Aligned ...

Prevantics swabs and/or swabsticks contained inside the following Aligned Medical Solutions convenience kits with Name/Pack numbers: Ports Cath Pack (1794)/AMS6569, Minor Procedure Pack (20527)/AMS6570B, Breast Biopsy Pack (24771)/AMS6572A, Bone Marrow Pack (11862)/AMS6573, Ultrasound Biopsy Pack -Rx/AMS6828, Ultrasound Biopsy Pack -Rx/AMS6828A, C Access Tray/AMS9954, C Access Tray/AMS9954A, Access Tray A/AMS10234, Access Tray A/AMS10234A, C-Access Tray Chicago/AMS10236, C-Access Tray Chicago/AMS10236A, Access Tray/AMS10238, Access Tray/AMS10238A, Access Tray/AMS10238B, Gray Pack/AMS10247, Gray Pack/AMS10247A, C-Access Tray/AMS10249, C-Access Tray/AMS10249A, C Access Tray/AMS10255, C Access Tray/AMS10255A, Jacksonville Tray/AMS10256, Jacksonville Tray/AMS10256A, Jacksonville Tray/AMS10256B, NVS Access Tray/AMS10257, AZ Access Tray/AMS10271, AZ Access Tray/AMS10271A, Fistulagram/ C-Access Pack/AMS10280, Fistulagram/ C-Access Pack/AMS10280A, Ultrasound Tray w/PDI/AMS10710A, Procedure Tray/AMS10897A, Universal Block Tray-RX/AMS12381, Ultrasound Injection-RX/AMS12382, Pellet Insertion Tray/AMS12735, PICC Insertion Tray - RX/AMS-7192CS-8, Breast Biopsy Tray/DDS1010G, Single Shot Epidural Tray-Rx/DDS1149, PICC Insertion Tray-RX/VYMAXBASIC
Recall Date:    Mar 21, 2022
Windstone Medical Packaging, Inc.
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    89969
Product ID:    193001
Enforcement Date:    May 25, 2022
Last Published:    May 17, 2022


Emert Number:    Z-1101-2022
Emert Status:    Notified