BrushX Hot Air Brushes Recalled Due to Electrocution or Shock Hazard; Impo ...

This recall involves the BrushX Styler, Dryer & Volumizer, also called the BrushX One; and the BrushX Gen.2 hot air brushes. The brushes were sold in black and black/pink color combinations. Recalled brushes have a "not waterproof" symbol to the left of the CE mark on the rear of the brush.
Hot Air BrushesAbout 100,000
Online at from April 2020 through August 2021 for between $44 and $55.
Recall Date:    Feb 17, 2022
None reported
Mfg Country:
Ecom Brands, dba BrushX, of France
Recall ID:    9242
Last Published:    Feb 17, 2022
Official Site:    Link


Emert Number:    22725
Emert Status:    Notified