Eguana Technologies Recalls Evolve Home Energy Storage Systems with LG Bat ...

This recall involves the Eguana Technologies Evolve 0513U Home Energy Storage System. The Evolve system allows owners to capture and store energy from solar panels. Each Evolve system includes between two and six battery modules, and the modules are removable and replaceable by trained installers. The Evolve is a freestanding cabinet that measures nearly three feet high and four feet long. The Eguana logo is located on the left door towards the center. The serial number range of the systems containing recalled batteries is between ET-000200 and ET-000600. The serial number is located inside the cabinet toward the bottom left of the unit.
Evolve Home Energy Storage SystemsAbout 245
Online at from October 2020 through May 2021 for between $16 and $25.
Recall Date:    Jan 26, 2022
None reported
Mfg Countries:
1Canada (home energy system)
2South Korea (lithium-ion battery module)
1Eguana Technologies, of Calgary, Canada (home energy system)
2LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc., of Holland, Mich. (formerly LG Chem Michigan Inc.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Energy Solution, Ltd., in turn a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Chem Ltd. (lithium-ion battery module)
Recall ID:    9213
Last Published:    Jan 26, 2022
Official Site:    Link


Emert Number:    22058
Emert Status:    Notified