Medtronic Custom Perfusion kits, with the following product descriptions a ...

Medtronic Custom Perfusion kits, with the following product descriptions and corresponding model numbers: 1. CUSTOM PACK BB10Q85R FILTER (Model BB10Q85R); 2. CUSTOM PACK BB11C01R MIDI DEEP (Model BB11C01R); 3. CUSTOM PACK BB7H95R22 HYP MAIN (Model B7H95R22); 4. CUSTOM PACK BB7H95R25 HYP MAIN (Model BB7H95R25); 5. CUSTOM PACK BB7H99R22 NEONAT (Model BB7H99R22); 6. CUSTOM PACK BB7P46R4 316-14 (Model BB7P46R4); 7. CUSTOM PACK BB7P48R4 14-38 (Model BB7P48R4); 8. CUSTOM PACK BB7W03R8 CCSM NEON (Model BB7W03R8); 9. CUSTOM PACK BB7W80R7 BASC PEDS (Model BB7W80R7); 10. CUSTOM PACK BB8B09R7 INFANT (Model BB8B09R7); 11. CUSTOM PACK BB8B09R8 INFANT (Model BB8B09R8); 12. CUSTOM PACK BB8D40R3 P3/16X1/4 (Model BB8D40R3); 13. CUSTOM PACK BB8Q16R PED ART (Model BB8Q16R); 14. CUSTOM PACK BB8V01R8 FVDL COLM (Model BB8V01R8); 15. CUSTOM PACK HY2V10R33 ADULT (Model HY2V10R33); 16. CUSTOM PACK HY3Z71R17 PRIMARY (Model HY3Z71R17); 17. CUSTOM PACK HY3Z71R18 PRIMARY (Model HY3Z71R18); 18. CUSTOM PACK HY4V00R24 ADULT (Model HY4V00R24); 19. CUSTOM PACK HY6X29R12 CON-SUPP (Model HY6X29R12); 20. CUSTOM PACK HY8L14R7 HYBRID (Model HY8L14R7); 21. CUSTOM PACK HY8P36R6 CPS (Model HY8P36R6); 22. CUSTOM PACK HY8V01R6 FVDL COLM (Model HY8V01R6); 23. CUSTOM PACK HY9D36R1 HL PUMP P (Model HY9D36R1); 24. CUSTOM PACK HY9L07R4 ADLT FUS (Model HY9L07R4); 25. CUSTOM PACK HY9L80R4 SADT FUS (Model HY9L80R4); 26. CUSTOM PACK HY9M47R6 ADLT MAIN (Model HY9M47R6); 27. CUSTOM PACK HY9N38R4 VGH FUS (Model HY9N38R4); 28. CUSTOM PACK HY9R26R12 CENT (Model HY9R26R12); 29. PERFUSION M337112Q 1/B (Model M337112Q); 30. PERFUSION M344130B 1/B (Model M344130B); 31. PERFUSION M392419C 1/B (Model M392419C); 32. PERFUSION M394213B 1/B (Model M394213B); 33. PERFUSION M394213C 1/B (Model M394213C); 34. PERFUSION M490124D 1/B (Model M490124D); 35. PERFUSION M491335A 1/B (Model M491335A); 36. PERFUSION M499709E 1/B (Model M499709E); 37. PERFUSION M960164F 1/B (Model M960164F); 38. PERFUSION M960165E 1/B (Model M960165E); 39. PERFUSION M960169E 1/B (Model M960169E); 40. PERFUSION M960462C 1/B (Model M960462C); 41. PERFUSION M960462D 1/B (Model M960462D); 42. PERFUSION M960463D 1/B (Model M960463D); 43. PERFUSION M960466D 1/B (Model M960466D); 44. CUSTOM PACK TL4K33R3 FCI ADULT (Model TL4K33R3); 45. CUSTOM PACK TL4K95R12 PERFNPLEG (Model TL4K95R12); 46. CUSTOM PACK TL6C91R5 SELLKE PK (Model TL6C91R5); 47. CUSTOM PACK TL6G48R9 ST PAULS (Model TL6G48R9); 48. CUSTOM PACK TL7X09R3 FCVC ADLT (Model TL7X09R3);
Recall Date:    Oct 12, 2021
Medtronic Perfusion Systems
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    88932
Product ID:    190057
Enforcement Date:    Jan 19, 2022
Last Published:    Jan 12, 2022


Emert Number:    Z-0491-2022
Emert Status:    Notified