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Be Informed. Be Aware. Be Safe.
Receive timely alerts for all voluntary and regulatory recalls.
Choose alert notifications that are relevant and filter others.
Be vigilant of goods and products you consume to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
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Emert helps everyone to be informed, aware and safe.

Everyday Consumptions
All of us consume a variety of products on a daily basis. Which of these products has been recalled? Which are unsafe? How do you determine your risk?
Emert consolidates all recalls and provides timely notifications to you based on your profile settings. The consolidated database of recalls is also accessible for historical data analysis.
Caring for Children and Elderly
Children and elederly have the highest risk. Having timely notifications of recalled medicines and food is critical and necessary in our society where profits take precedence over consumer well being and safety. How do you counter these risks with minimal investments of time and money?
Emert allows you to specify keywords and only alerts you when a product you use is recalled. Emert immediately alerts you about the latest recalls. The alert information provides you with a link to relevant details and assists you to access severity and urgency.
Second Hand Market Place
Many recalled products are found on second hand marketplace. How do you protect yourself from purchasing a product which will be unsafe? (it is illegal to knowingly sell recalled products)
Emert database has over 80,000 recalled products. You can search any of these products using keywords to determine if any were recalled. Emert facilitates checking a product for recall prior to purchase.
Vehicle Safety
How safe are your vehicles? Do you regularly check the government (NHTSA) website for a recall against your vehicles? Did you check before purchasing a second hand vehicle?
Register your vehicles with Emert. All of your vehicles will be regularly and automatically checked every month and at every announced vehicle recalls to see if your registered vehicle is impacted. You will be alerted immediately to take action should your vehicle be included.
Digital Products
Digital Products do not have the same regulatory requirements as the standard consumer and food products. How do you access your risk with digital products?
Emert monitors digital products for security vulnerability, privacy breaches and malwares. Emert alerts you with details on potential product issues.
Foreign Products
The oversight provided by US regulators and laws are not there on many of the imported consumer products. How do you access your risk with these products? How are you informed?
Emert facilitates capturing and sharing product concerns from consumers. You are invited and encouraged to participate and share your products ratings with other fellow Emert users. Leveraging aggregate consumer consumption powers can help in addressing concerns with suppliers and manufacturers.

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